Sockbaby Episodes
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Part Name Position Name
Ronnie Cordova John Soares Writer/Director Doug TenNapel
Burger Cody Spurlock Cinematographer Justin Spurlock
Davis the Grey Uriel Padilla      


  John Soares (Ronnie Cordova / Director)  

John Soares, 23, is an award winning independent film maker, artist, actor and Martial artist.
  In 1999, he enrolled in a Modesto Junior College film class. After a whole childhood of studying movies and a heavy influence from the film "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" He hoped to eventually make the ultimate action film.
  In the years since, John has co-founded the independent film group Westhavenbrook, which not only deals with independent action and drama films, but also comics, storyboard art, martial art coordination, music and writing.
   John picked up a copy of a Five Iron Frenzy album in 2003 for which acclaimed comic artist/ filmmaker/ screenwriter Douglas TenNapel had done cover illustrations. John E mailed Doug to compliment his work. A link to one of Westhavenbrook's movie trailers was included in the e mail and the rest, my friends, is history.

John enjoys singing in church, making movies, drawing and chasing Smurfs without the intention of actually harming them.

  Cody Spurlock (Burger)  

Cody Spurlock is an auto-mechanic/ actor for WestHavenBrook productions. He ends up getting small roles in just about every production and short film, due to his diversity and lack of humility. Has been acting in films since Junior High School. Directed his own short "horror" film as a sophomore in High School, which gathered acclaim at the Brown Bag Film Festival. Robot, Clone, Schizoid, or Soldier, this guy runs the gamut of craziness for the future of cinema.

  Uriel Padilla (Davis the Grey)  

A Man, a Myth, or a Legend, which one of these words best describes Uriel Padilla? Trick Question, they all do! Blessed with many talents and overwhelmingly dedicated to performing for WestHavenBrook, this man spews forth some of the most serious action stunts and physical comedy routines captured on film today. Davis the Grey personified, no stand in or stunt doubles... ever.

Uriel not only acts his face off for cinema (like in Tao of the Meteor Serpent), but is also a Graphic Artist, Photographer, and Youth Pastor for Saint Anthony's Church, Hughson.

Beware the power of his Tursel!

  Doug TenNapel (Writer / Director)  

Creator of such beloved American icons like Earthworm Jim, The Neverhood and Creature Tech delves into the land of no-budget kung fu surreality. Doug is a rich, famous, Hollywood writer/director who charitably makes free entertainment for the people.

  Justin Spurlock (Cinematographer)  

Cinema-photographer, actor, writer, director, editor, composer, comedic mastermind, chef, lead singer and guitarist to Before-20, Media Systems Operator, comicbook reader, Transformer follower, fast food eater, helluva kisser, and founding member of WestHavenBrook productions. Started working with John Soares while as a Lab Aid for the MJC Film and Television Dept. A huge Earthworm Jim fan as a teenager, was both honored and awed to work with Doug TenNapel. Supporter and enthusiast for the short film genre, was enthralled to co-create such a unique series of shorts that speaks the same kind of insanity that he has been screaming his whole life!

Justin Spurlock ran Sockbaby's camera's from both behind and in front. Whether he's laying face down in a street gutter to get the shot, screaming at the top of his vocal chords as Chum Chum, or applying magic marker to the top of Burgers head, Justin Spurlock (through sheer, unadulterated talent) helps bring Doug TenNapel and John Soares vision from paper to the screen, dripping with digital yummy-ness. Taquitos!

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