Sockbaby Episodes

Behold the legend of Sockbaby. Do you know where all of those socks go when you lose them in the laundry? They go to the Sockearth where the Sockpeople live. The Sockpeople are fallen, sinful bastards just like us and they need a savior too. Just as Jesus came to Earth as one of us, so he went to Sockearth as one of them. Through a strange cacophony of events, Sockbaby ends up in yet another world inhabited by demonic men in suits and good guys like Ronnie Cordova and Burger, and so the saga begins...

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Episode One
Ronnie Cordova just wants to get something to eat but fate has other plans.
Running Time: 03:11
Episode Two
Ronnie still just wants something to eat and fate still has other plans. Can our hero live after meeting the hideous Chum-Chum?
Running Time: 04:48
Episode Three
Ronnie still doesn’t get to eat, in fact he there.
Running Time: 10:01


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